Osun State Civil Service Salary Structure and Allowance

Civil Service is a vibrant team that propels the growth and development of the state. Beyond daily tasks and obligations, the Osun State civil service is a system that honors accomplishments and provides a sustainable livelihood.

Let’s set out on a mission to decipher the Osun State Civil Service Salary Structure and Allowances in a very simple, but engaging language, including everything from base pay to extra benefits. So, buckle up and get ready to explore the Civil Service Salary Structure and Allowance of Osun State!

Based on grades and levels, the Osun State Civil Service pays its employees according to a uniform method. It follows the Consolidated Public Service Salary Structure (CONPSS), which is set by the National Salaries, Incomes, and Wages Commission, just like many other government services in Nigeria.

Civil servants are placed on salary grade levels based on their qualifications and job roles, with graduates typically starting at grade level 07 or 08. They can advance in grade level with the aid of annual increments.

Furthermore, promotions to more senior positions also result in better grade levels and greater salaries. For example, a pay rise of more than 100% is a result of moving up from the grade level 08 of Administrative Officer to the grade 12 of Assistant Chief Admin Officer.

Candidates for promotions must pass exams or interviews and have good performance reviews. Promotions are granted based on merit.

Despite budgetary arrangements, the Osun State administration has occasionally struggled to pay workers on schedule due to financial difficulties in recent years. Labor unions have had to advocate for prompt wage disbursements.

We have made a painstaking effort to explain the Osun State Civil Service salary structure from Grade Level 01 to 17 as well as their job role and description. See below.

Osun State Civil Service Salary Structure and Allowance

Here is an overview explaining the Osun State Civil Service salary structure from Grade Level 01 to 17, including typical jobs at each level:

GRADE LEVEL 01 – ₦19,500 – ₦27,000

Civil servants usually work in basic administrative support positions at grade level 01. Services like office assistants, couriers, cleaners, tea servers, security guards, gardeners, etc. fall under this category. These entry-level positions offer basic operational and administrative assistance.

GRADE LEVEL 02 – ₦21,000 – ₦29,500

Junior clerks and assistants with higher ranks fall under the grade level 02 salary range. Employees at this level could have had some specific training in areas like equipment usage, computer operation, record-keeping, etc. They support authorities in doing crucial tasks related to the organization’s set objectives.

GRADE LEVEL 03 – ₦22,000 – ₦32,000

Skilled artisans, machine operators, drivers, and junior technicians are among the positions in Osun State’s public service at grade 3. They perform expert operational tasks that are essential to the smooth functioning of organizations and the provision of services. Broadcasters, technologists, artists, and other professionals also fall into this category.

GRADE LEVEL 04: ₦22,500–₦35,000

Civil workers of grade 04 can perform more complicated administrative and technical tasks, such as the duties of senior technicians, administrators, accountants, and law enforcement personnel. Under supervision, they carry out policies and programs.

GRADE LEVEL 05: ₦25,000–₦41,000

Civil servants work in specialized professional and management jobs at grade 05. Greater freedom to use specialized knowledge is available. At this grade level, there are jobs for researchers, engineers, economists, personnel managers, physicians, pharmacists, and other professionals.

GRADE LEVEL 06: ₦31,000–₦49,500

More senior managerial responsibilities are allocated to these grade 06 civil servants, including direction and control over administrative divisions, departments, or units. Financial managers, senior engineers, medical consultants, and other positions need managerial experience and policy analysis.

GRADE LEVEL 07: ₦41,500–₦64,000.

Grade 07 public officials assume advanced management duties for organization branches and key programs. Chief pharmacists, district treasurers, department heads, and administrators of local governments are among the positions available at this grade level.

GRADE LEVEL 08: ₦54,000–₦80,000

Senior administrators oversee organizational divisions and create strategic policies at grade 8. Chief medical directors, chief engineers, local council executives, and directors in charge of departments are a few examples.

GRADE LEVEL 09: ₦63,500–₦96,000

Top administrators run local councils or whole organizations. Chief planning officer, works manager, council treasurer, hospital/institution head, and organization secretary are some of the positions available. They provide visionary leadership.

GRADE LEVEL 10-₦73,000–₦111,500
Directors general, chairmen of parastatal departments, and other high-level positions entail a great deal of responsibility for grade 10 public officers. To fulfill important government objectives, they oversee the management of substantial resources.

GRADE LEVEL 12- ₦87,500 to ₦127,000

Through the coordination of government operations, grade 12 responsibilities support executive governors. Secretary to the state government, clerk of the state house of assembly, commissioner, and head of the service are among the positions.

GRADE LEVEL 13- 98,000–138,500

One of the responsibilities of a civil servant at grade level 13 is formulating state-wise policies and implementation selected by governors. Standard positions include those of state ministry permanent secretaries.

GRADE LEVEL 14- ₦107,500–₦153,000 represents

The highest echelon of career public officers receive a pay in the grade 14. The State Civil Service Commission appoints people to positions at this special level.

GRADE LEVEL 15- ₦120,000-15,67,500

Leading significant governmental organizations is a requirement for Grade 15 assignments.

Jobs roles in these positions include rectors, provosts, and deans heading tertiary education institutions like universities, colleges, and polytechnics.

GRADE LEVEL 16 – ₦132,000 – ₦190,000

At this grade level, Osun State appointees preside over the entire state university system. The role provides an overall vision to manage multiple campuses and ensure educational standards.

GRADE LEVEL 17 – ₦147,500 – ₦213,500

The civil service grade 17 salary range is reserved for the exceptional few charged with administering complete state university complexes. Their expertise and experience are leveraged to enhance capacity building.


Aside from the basic salary, the Osun State Civil Servants are entitled to various allowances. The purpose of these allowances is to cover certain costs or difficulties associated with the job in addition to the base pay. Here are a few examples of typical allowances:

1. Housing Allowance: Employees get this allowance to help with living expenses. The amount varies according to the region and grade level of the employee.

2. Transport stipend: Employees get a transport stipend to help defray the expense of transportation. The allowance amount is determined by several criteria, including the commute distance and grade level.

3. Leave Allowance: When taking an annual leave of absence, employees are entitled to leave payments. The employee’s base pay and the length of their absence are used to compute the allowance.

4. Hazard Allowance: Employees may be exposed to hazardous situations in some civil service positions. As a way to offset these risks, hazard allowances are provided; they are usually larger for positions with more potential for workplace accidents.

5. Entertainment Allowance

Perquisites for entertaining visitors or attending events on behalf of the government may be covered by an entertainment allowance for employees performing official entertainment obligations.

6. Utility Allowance

Employees who need help paying for utilities including water, electricity, and phone services can apply for the Utility Allowance.

7. Medical Allowance

To meet their healthcare demands, employees are given a medical allowance that they can use to pay for their own and their dependents’ medical expenses.

It’s imperative to stress that individual employment contracts, collective bargaining agreements, and government laws may all have an impact on the precise allowances and their rates.


Employees and stakeholders alike must comprehend the Osun State Civil Service’s pay scale and benefits. In addition to assisting workers in properly managing their funds, it guarantees openness and equity in compensation procedures.

The civil service may draw and keep bright people by following uniform procedures and offering sufficient benefits, which will advance the state’s general growth and advancement.

Many new grade levels and pay increases are included in the revised remuneration plan for Osun State’s government officials in 2024, particularly for entry- and mid-level posts.

With these adjustments, state employee pay is now more in line with both the growing cost of living and federal earnings. By raising take-home pay, offering yearly raises, and implementing other changes, the updated structure aims to improve employee engagement and performance.

Moving forward, the affordability and impact of the 2024 civil service pay reform in Osun will be tracked closely.

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